Close More Deals & Cross Sell More Consistently... On Autopilot

We as insurance agents all have the same problems.. We are inconsistent.. Our follow up is inconsistent... We cross sell inconsistently.. We don't ask about life insurance consistently.. Agency Elephant duplicates your perfect processes (or rather the processes you WANT to happen).. It is your best employee.. It recycles all missed opportunities and doesn't let service work fall through the cracks.  Finally have the ability to scale without having to hire a ton of staff. 

Built for You Automation & Communication

Communication & Automation Manager::

Manage every single aspect of your prospects & customers journey, from lead nurturing to service work. Have recorded one on one conversations via text, email, ringless voicemails, or phone call within Agency Elephant.  Schedule one on one text ringless voicemails, or emails to go out at specific times. And trigger automations from within customers or prospects accounts at the click of a button. Close more deals, cross sell more accounts, recycle your opportunity. 

Recycle Your Missed Opportunities::

Every Agency has the same problem. They spend time and money generating opportunities that they work MAYBE one time. Agency Elephant recycles all your leads, prospects, lists and purchased vendor leads every year and hits them multiple times prospecting them to get another shot at winning their business.  Our goal is that the longer you use Agency Elephant, the more leads get recycled, the more opportunity you get weekly, and the more cream rises to the top for you to quote and sell. 

Automated Campaigns:

We all know that your agency needs multiple active marketing campaigns that bring in opportunities to write business.. Cold list campaigns, give away campaigns, cross sell campaigns, referral campaigns, referral partner campaigns, re-quoting campaigns, winback campaigns, etc. You have to be actively working at minimum 5 of these to have a healthy functioning agency.. Automation does these on auto pilot, perfectly, consistently, every time, so that you can field the inbound opportunities and focus on agency growth. 

Automated Quote Follow Up:

How many of your quotes that you send out do you not follow up with as consistently as you'd like? Or you realize "shoot, I haven't called them to check on the quote in 4 days... If I call now I look bad".  Or how many times do you follow up as consistently as you'd like without wasting your staff's time to get the "Yes let's move forward".  When you are consistently following up with your quotes the same way, every time, through automation, you are removing the fires and distractions that you and your staff deal with every day from affecting your new business growth. 

Automated Sales Pipeline:

We have found that agency's pipelines are either google sheets, notebooks, sticky notes, or white boards.. None of these help you close more deals.. They all inevitably leave you doing more manual work inconsistently.  Having a sales pipeline not only gives you a pulse for what is going on in your agency, but it also keeps you on track with your opportunities. BUT having an AUTOMATED sales pipeline makes sure that your automation follow ups with your opportunity consistently, every single time, helping you close more deals. It also helps you onboard customers consistently, ask for reviews every time, and track your close rate (while also automating ALL those missed sales).

VOIP, SMS, Ringless Voicemail & Email Campaigns::

Agency Elephant comes with its own built-in VOIP system. You will get to pick your own phone number with your account. We can forward all inbound calls and texts to wherever you'd like, whether that be an office line or cell phone. Or you can make and receive calls from our dashboard. Your account also has the ability to create pre-planned outbound campaigns which send scheduled SMS, RVM (ringless voicemails), and emails for almost any agency situation. 

Made for Any Size Agency::

Throw your fax machine in the trash. Take your agency into the 21st century and communicate like a powerhouse! Whether you are a new solo agent, or have a large team, Agency Elephant can fill the void, provide consistency across all staff and procedures, and never forget... or miss an opportunity. Want Agency Elephant to work your X-Dates? Done. Want Agency Elephant to wish every client a Happy Birthday? Done. An Elephant never forgets.

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    I'm a Loan Officer using Agency Elephant. On average, I take in $1.5 million in loan apps a week using Agency Elephant. It's awesome!

    — Stephen M.
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    As a new agency, I built my foundation around technology. First month selling was also my first month with Agency Elephant as a SOLO AGENT. Agency Elephant brought in 103k in the First 30 Days of operation! Utilizing automation was the absolute difference maker in getting my agency off the ground. Five months later, I have been able to hire two new producer's and get them making money first day out of licensing and training. Agency Elephant is the most powerful marketing system I have ever seen. Agency Elephant is the foundation of my entire agency. Because of Agency Elephant I forecast my book jumping to 3 million next year.

    — Charles M.
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    Agency Elephant helps my agency stay on top of our follow-ups. This was our biggest set back prior. Now, we don't even have to think about it. As long as the lead is entered properly, the elephant does the rest!

    — Josh C.
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    Agency Elephant has absolutely grown my agency! The day we started Agency Elephant, we were writing policies. Agency Elephant has made our follow-up game on-point!

    — Robert B.

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