Stephen M.

I'm a Loan Officer using Agency Elephant. On average, I take in $1.5 million in loan apps a week using Agency Elephant. It's awesome!


Charles M.

As a new agency, I built my foundation around technology. First month selling was also my first month with Agency Elephant as a SOLO AGENT. Agency Elephant brought in 103k in the First 30 Days of operation! Utilizing automation was the absolute difference maker in getting my agency off the ground. Five months later, I have been able to hire two new producer's and get them making money first day out of licensing and training. Agency Elephant is the most powerful marketing system I have ever seen. Agency Elephant is the foundation of my entire agency. Because of Agency Elephant I forecast my book jumping to 3 million next year.


Josh C.

Agency Elephant helps my agency stay on top of our follow-ups. This was our biggest set back prior. Now, we don't even have to think about it. As long as the lead is entered properly, the elephant does the rest!


Robert B.

Agency Elephant has absolutely grown my agency! The day we started Agency Elephant, we were writing policies. Agency Elephant has made our follow-up game on-point!

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